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22nd March, 2020

10:00 - 13.30


betahaus Neukölln, ground floor, Club Lounge


Members: Free

Non-Members: 65 euro


Matcha & Pottery Ceremony *RITUALS WORKSHOP*

Create your daily ritual and handcrafted pottery for it.

Ceremonies and Rituals used to play a very important role in the lives of our ancestors and are still deeply ingrained in some cultures.

We aim to “translate” them into the language of our contemporary tribe and recreate them in a manner that fits organically into our modern day life.

A “Matcha Ceremony” is a beautiful way to start your day and set your intentions. Every Day. Let us show you how and help you create your very own ritual.

You will also learn to shape and form your own ceramic matcha bowl from scratch that will remind you daily of your purest intentions.

You will:

  • Learn about the history and cultivation of Matcha and it’s ceremonial uses
  • Prepare and enjoy a Matcha Latte as a part of modern day “Matcha Ceremony”
  • Take part in a Guided & Silent Meditation to have a smooth transition into crafting
  • Learn the basics of pottery craft
  • Create your own Matcha Bowl as a part of a pottery workshop
  • Get all the knowledge - and the ceremonial bowl itself - needed for your daily practice

Rituals and Ceremonies are not necessarily about connecting to forest fairies and full-moon-spirits (even though they could be). We would like to guide you through a down-to-earth approach to daily Rituals as a tool for being present, focused, calm and grateful throughout your day.

Important info
There are few give-away tickets for the betahaus community on offer. In order for you to claim a free tickets, please send you request to robbin@betahaus.de.
Note: First up first served!


Lisa Müller - an expert in healthy "active food", sport & nutrition as well as matcha. She has been working in this industry for over 8 years now and hosting matcha ceremonies around the world since 2016 - in order to share her knowledge and experience on how to integrate this ancient ritual into your daily life.

Elizaveta Barsegova - professional potter, founder and creative director at brsg Keramik. She is traveling the world exploring tribal pottery techniques on her journeys through deserts and mountains. In the past few years she welcomed over 300 people in her workshops, sharing her approach to pottery in a fun and interactive way