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16th November, 2017

19:00 - 23:00


Cafe, Ground floor, betahaus


Members: Free

Regular: Donation appreciated


Organised by: GreenBuzz Berlin

Networking with a Twist: Making Berlin Sustainable

We are inviting sustainable initiatives and individuals to a special networking evening to meet, connect and team up to make Berlin sustainable together.

We are excited to invite you to:

  • Meet people who share your vision and values;
  • Share ideas, knowledge, information and resources;
  • Create personal goals and new connections ;
  • Collaborate to create greater impact together. 

In this event, you’ll be offered the space to connect and collaborate with people in your local community who share your vision of a sustainable planet. With key questions to stimulate new ideas, you’ll be invited to brainstorm with others, to share knowledge, set your personal goals and find creative solutions together. 

 We are very happy to have Erika Scarth, a certified transformational lifecoach flying in from London to guide you through this evening. Erika delivers networking events in London, bringing together creators of charities, businesses and social enterprises as well as people running their own personal projects. She also works with individuals who want to overcome their own limitations and create a positive impact in the world and in the last 5 years has worked with ex-prisoners, people experiencing physical, emotional and mental health challenges, people in long term unemployment and youth. 


  • 19:00 Doors Come early
    Join us for a beer and start networking straight away! 
  • 20:00 Welcome and Intro
    During the welcome and warmup session you’ll learn about the planned activities and already get a first impression of the people around you. 
  • 20:30 Meet and Share Ideas
    We invite you to brainstorm around sustainability in Berlin and its districts. In small groups you’ll meet new people and discuss current issues and possible solutions. 
  • 21:30 Create and Collaborate
    In the second part of the event you’ll share your goals and ideas, invite other to collaborate on your ideas and offer your help to others. 
  • 23:00 End
    Meet great people and leave this event with lots of inspiration and new friends! Meet great organizations and inspiring people and leave this event with lots of inspiration, new friends and a contribution to make Berlin sustainable!