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29th March, 2019

18:00 - 20:00


Event Space, Ground Floor, betahaus Pop-Up


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Organised by Vihra Shopova and betahaus

Make Random Great Again

Join our Random Knowledge Sharing Meetup and work on your productivity-randomness balance!

The Random Knowledge Meetup is a monthly event which brings together people from different backgrounds to share and discuss knowledge on various (random) topics they might not necessarily get to explore in their daily lives/work experience. We don't aim at helping you get more productive, efficient or balanced. We believe in the need to restore the “entertainment” aspect in gaining new knowledge, so we get together to share things that won't necessarily help you become a better person (although they might!) but will foster your curiosity towards others and the world.

March 29th

betahaus l Kreuzberg @ Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23 (Berlin)

It’s pretty simple.
We have 3 presentations, some healthy snacks (sometimes even homemade!), funny hosts and time to brainstorm and exchange ideas on the presentation topics.

6-7pm - Icebreaker Round
7-8pm - Presentations (10-15 minutes per presentation)

#1: ''A brief introduction into a time-management-method called RPM (Rapid Planning Method)'' by Anita Ortega
#2: ''Alexa, what is the capital of Israel?'' by Renato Losio
#3: ''10 archaeological observations about the digital culture'' by Magdalena Klein

Send us a short email to randomisgr8@gmail.com with RE: Random Knowledge FTW and a short description of your idea (Topic / Bullet Points / Audience Engagement Point) until January 31st.
The presentations can be on any topic you like, as far as it brings value to the audience. You can structure it in any form that suits you, may that be PowerPoint, Mentimeter, Video, Rap Song or whatever you feel like doing.
The most important part: Keep it under 15 minutes!

Examples of previous presentations:
- What I learned on TOA2018? (Tech Open Air)
- Astrology 101: Is it really a thing?
- The Power Of Saying NO!
- Мastering The Art Of Fermentation
- Uses and Gratifications on Social Media. Why are we addicted?

The Meetup started a few months ago as a friends-only get-together. After I graduated I still wanted to make sure that I’m learning new things on a regular basis. So every once in a while I started gathering friends with the intention of sharing interesting facts and information with one another. We slowly realized that everyone of us has something to share or teach, no matter how old they are and what professional background they come from.

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