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12th February, 2020

19:00 - 21:00


betahaus Neukölln, Club Lounge, Ground Floor


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Organises by: betahaus & Startup Workshops

How to fight your inner pig dog!

We haven't even begun to procrastinate yet....!

3 out of 8h is our effective working time at work. The other 5 hours we just ... urh ... ?

Do you sometimes ask yourself: ... what did I actually do today?
Do you sometimes wonder how productive you can be - delaying the one task you actually want to be done?
Does the amount of open tabs taking on ridiculous dimensions?
Would you like to put your inner pig dog on a leash and teach him or her about motivation, self-discipline and powerful drive?

Then please bring him or her to this event!

In this hands-on workshop you will find out what's behind your individual avoiding strategies, about the reasons why you are slacking and what you can do to change it.
Together we will talk about procrastination and look at it from different perspectives. In group and individual exercises you will learn about effective ways how to increase your motivation and how to make peace with your inner pig dog. At the end of the workshop you will create your individual plan with specific actions steps for your next challenge!

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Doors open: 19:00
Workshop begins: 19:20
Networking: 21:00
Drinks and snacks available

Note: Please bring something to write and be on time!

Domenico is a coach & trainer for self and time management, specialized in the field of motivation. Together with the team from Startup Workshops he supports innovative teams in gaining the special skills and competences which are required for the challenges of digitalization. His main focus is to provide useful tools with practical relevance which are easy to apply to your daily life and business. Startup Workshops includes clients such as HelloFresh, betterplace, Startnext.