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13th June, 2018

19:00 - 21:00


Cafe, Ground floor, betahaus


Members: Free

Regular: Free


Organised by: Plan A & betahaus

Green Movie Night V: Under The Berlin Sky

Every month we will present to you documentaries dedicated to the stories of humanity (history of togetherness) and Nature, the goods (hidden treasures) and bads (climate change)

And because we are in June, it’s warm and we got the Berlin vibe, we are doing an open-air cinema session. 

With the nice breeze, the popcorn smell, the green stories and all the lovely people around is there anything missing? Oh yes, of course, the glasses of refreshing beer and wine that will be waiting for you. 

In this scene we will be projecting the following movies:

56: the story of three children struggle to get 56 kg of rice: the cost of going to primary school in Soavinarivo, a small village in the Madagascar inland.

Lucens: The story of the first nuclear power plant made 100% in Switzerland... but also the last one. 

It’s a good year: Story of how one farmer in India changed his fortunes by switching from chemical to organic agriculture.

An eye-opener evening with nature on your side that will refresh your thoughts and fill you with new energy, 100% renewable! As always, tickets are free, so don’t hesitate to get one quick and secure your seat!

Because there is no Plan B for our Planet.