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Last Thursday of The Month

18:00 - 22:00


InnoSpace, 1st Floor, betahaus | Kreuzberg


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Organised by: betahaus & Futures Space

The Night Of The Futures Meetup

An interactive exploration of multiple futures of how we will work, collaborate, and innovate.


Futures Space presents an evening event on Futures of Work - an exploration of multiple futures of how we will work, collaborate, and innovate. Due to the changing nature of work -  with the need and desire of more  flexibility, job sharing, and shorter cycles - companies, as well as future employees face new challenges that transform how we work, hire, and collaborate. In this workshop session, we will explore diverse points of view - which skills are needed for the future? How do we interact with technology and AI - and how does social change with an aging society and an unrestful next generation influence the way companies will function.

Consumers care every day more about ethical and purposeful driven companies as well as female leaders who disrupt traditional structures of hierarchy. The overflow of information and concerns about data,  AI and robots will force people to reinvent themselves over and over again to stay relevant and create impactful solutions. Jobs in Human Resource, IT as well as UX-Designers, Data Analysts and Community Managers will gain even more importance and will evoke a shift in skills which will focus on complex problem solving, creativity and critical thinking along with emotional intelligence. And this is only the beginning. Join us and explore the future challenges in our workspace with Futurists and Forward Thinkers and ask the questions no one has an answer to, yet.

18:00 - Welcome
18:15 - Impulse Talks
19:00 - Refreshment break
19:15 - Panel Discussion
20:00 - Relocation Break
20:15 - Workshop in Small Groups
21:15 - Online Tool Introduction and Next Steps
21:30 - Wrap Up and Networking

Noter:  Please register via the Eventbrite link as spots are limited.  Registered participants will receive priority before walk-ins.

About The Night of the Futures
This event is part of a monthly event series called The Night of the Futures. Every month, for one night, we meet to discuss a different future topic. The workshop works as a kick-off for an exploration phase in the prosecuting weeks, where we want to invite you to participate, define and discuss the discovered challenges for each topic in detail with the goal to create a cross-industry innovation project that works on pushing towards the desired solution through collaboration.

About Futures Space:
Futures Space is a collaborative network of Futurists and Forward Thinkers ready to tackle the future together with organizations.At Futures Space, we trial the future of work by being a new form of network organization that matches not only freelancing Futurists and Forward Thinkers with organizations but also trials project-based collaboration without employment. We do this by facilitating online and offline projects focusing on our future-themed planets: Futures of Cities; Smart Home, Mobility, Work, Marketing. In addition to this, we new ways to incentivize our freelancers and reward their participation while creating long-term memberships with our clients. We transform the way organizations work and think to shape a better future through project-based collaboration. On our planets, we connect industry experts (Residents) with futures experts (Spacewalkers) to take organizations on a transformational journey into the future.