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5th May, 2020

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Digital betaSalon Vol. 9 - "On going remote: The story of music label 'Bar25 Music'"

An intriguing conversation with Danny Faber from "Bar 25 Music" on how to build an online business.

“On going remote: The story of music label Bar 25 Music”

From 2003 until 2010, Berlin’s notorious “Bar25” was an iconic landmark and vital to the city’s club scene. 

Surrounded by a wooden fence, this unique venue included not only a bar and club, but also a restaurant, stage, a hostel and a sauna with pool. Swings, an old autoscooter and other relicts gave the impression of a parallel universe and adult playground on the shores of the Spree. 

Here, in a large shack in the style of an American Western Saloon, some the world’s finest DJ’s spinned turntables and the bar’s reputation to international fame. 

However, co-founder Danny Faber always had more in mind: Eager to chase the next idea and dream, he decided to take his profession as a DJ, Producer and Entrepreneur to the online world.

Thus, he founded his own electronic music label with friends in 2006. Named after the legendary "Bar25" club, his new label quickly became a synonym for unique showcases and playful electronic music. Acid Pauli, Be Svendsen, Nicone and Oliver Koletzki are just a few of the protagonists of recent years.

Unlike the beloved bar, this label still lives on. So in our fireside chat, we explore how Danny went remote and why.

About the guest:

Danny Faber is a berlin-based business owner, label manager and DJ. He has founded several famous venues in the Berlin area - most namely the “Bar25”, “Chalet Club” and “Neue Heimat” - and his projects range from Event Management to Marketing to Business Development.

Currently, his main focus is dedicated to his own label brands “Bar 25 Music” and “Sirin Music” managed within his media production company “upnow media”. 


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