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27th March, 2020

11:00 - 11:30




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Organised by: betahaus & Dream Facilitation

Digital betaSalon Vol. 2 - "Strategies for Disruptive Change" with Dream Facilitation

An intriguing conversation with Luiza and Marcela from Dream Facilitation Berlin on Mindset Strategy and keeping your dreams alive.

Strategies for Disruptive Change: The challenge of keeping dreams alive

Dreaming is in our nature. We all have goals and phantasies and  try to realise them in tiny bits every day. But how do we protect our shining visions once times get darker?

Today, everyone of us is forced to turn inwards more and reschedule priorities. We face a gap between our wishes and reality, and they seem to be drifting apart even more. Now,  we face the challenge of keeping our dreams alive. How can we keep our minds focused, when our world around us is spinning? And how can we still turn to action while we are obliged to stay at home? An intriguing conversation with Luiza and Marcela from Dream Facilitation Berlin on the extraordinary situation and on how this lockdown on the outside might lift up our inside.


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About our guest

Dream Facilitation is a movement that empowers individuals and organizations to discover, map and implement projects to fulfil their purpose. In this complex process, founder Luiza and her colleague Marcela assist by shedding light on different aspects of your life and guiding you towards putting this purpose into action. As a creative business strategist, she has worked for companies like Red Bull, Image de Marque and Escola São Paulo, combining her business background with a knack for innovation.