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1st tuesday of the month

15:00 - 17:00


Reception, 1st floor, betahaus


Members only


Organised by: Relevantive

Create Amazing Products Through Experimentation

betahaus | Office Hours are one-on-one free consultancy sessions (30 mins) with experts from our community to our community.

Successful products and services have one thing in common: they solve a real user problem and deliver a positive experience. But how do you find the right problem-solution fit? The answer is through minimum viable experiments. As the world becomes more and more digitalized and the product lifecycle shorter, the need for faster decision-making increases. The only way to stay competitive is to base decisions on real user feedback through experimentation, hypothesis validation and continuous learning and iterating.

How can we help:

You are not sure if you are solving the right problem?

You don’t know how to turn you product idea into an experiment?

You don’t know how to measure success?

You generated (user) data, but don’t know how to move on to the next experiment?

About Event holder

Jan is CEO of relevantive, a lean innovation consultancy which he founded in 2001. relevantive enables companies of any size (from BMW to startups) to gain speed and customer orientation in development and innovation. This is mostly achieved through putting Lean Startup concepts at the core of the processes and company culture. Jan studied organizational sociology and ethnography in Regensburg, Mainz, Chicago and Lausanne. When not being with his kids, he loves running, programming and SciFi literature / movies.

Important Information

  • To secure your spot please register in advance by sending an email to jm@relevantive.de. In your email please indicate which 30-minute time slot you would like on the day. Your preferred 30-minute time slot must be within the specified time frame for this Office Hours session.
  • This Office Hours session is free exclusively for betahaus members only.
  • Office Hours is a one-on-one consultation session. Not a group workshop or a presentation. Please come prepared with your own questions.
  • Once you arrive, please go to reception and wait. The event will take place at reception.
  • Only one session (30 minutes) per person per month.
  • If you would like to cancel, please have the courtesy to email jm@relevantive.de to let them know.