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20th February, 2020

18:30 - 21:30


betahaus Neukölln, Club Lounge, ground floor


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Community Hacks

You are one step away from your future….cofounder, advisor, designer, coder, employee, coach, friend and unicorn partner in crime.

Welcome to betahaus community hacks!

The beta family is full of amazing people but of course, we are always super busy. This is sometimes holding us back from connecting with each other and getting the most out of this amazing community. Let’s change that in a fun and inspiring way.

Because in a community you can:

  • find the answers to burning questions
  • exchange knowledge and experience
  • create serendipitous moments from which everybody benefits
  • find new employees and employers
  • found new projects and startups
  • simply get to know amazing people

We as betahaus Coaches facilitate groups, host workshops, have 1’o’1 coachings and lecture a lot. You already know us from the office hours, betabreakfast, regular events and of course in Neukölln and Kreuzberg as your fellow coworkers. We know that coworking is an action and can only lead to magic if we meet and work on it together



We as betahaus Coaches will collaborate to create an event series for our coworkers to strengthen the community spirit, inspire towards new ideas and with that present our skills as coaches and facilitators


Coaches will come up with a program, facilitate exercises and moderate the afternoon

Community Managers will invite Coworkers, provide rooms, drinks and promote the event


  • Spread the beta love, grow together
  • Events to display for our initiatives/ Startup on Insta/ Newsletters
  • Getting the word out and grow the network (aka Acquisition)
  • Feedback from an amazing community
  • Growing our own projects/ services
  • Oh yeah, I really need a coach
  • I need to do more with the community


18:30 Checkin

18:40 Impulse

18:50 Exercise I

19:30 Share results in group, discuss

19:45 Exercise II

20:55 Share results in group, discuss

21:15 Checkout

21:30 Drinks and get even more together


Luiza Arcuschin, Dream Facilitation

As the founder of Dream Facilitation, Luiza empowers individuals and organizations to turn their purpose into action through personal consulting and group workshops. MBA qualified and with 9+ years of experience in strategic consulting and project management, Luiza conveys her entrepreneurial background with her passion for purpose and transformation in order to empower people to become the best version of themselves, while implementing high impact projects and businesses. 


Jörn Hendrik Ast, New Work Heroes GmbH

As a facilitator Jörn Hendrik develops workshop concepts, designs interactions and enables groups to create the best results possible. Jörn Hendrik's passion for the realization of the workplace of the future lead to the founding of several projects like the careercoaching company New Work Heroes. He is a Coworker with betahaus since 2009 and his passion for coworking is at the roots.