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11th April, 2019


Innospace, 1st floor, betahaus | Kreuzberg


Members: Free

Non-members: Free


Organised by: betahaus and Plan A

Clothes Swap!

It's that time of year again to refresh your closet. Get rid of the heavy jackets and sweaters, and bring out that funky shirt and all those beautiful clothes you wore so much last year. But now you are bored of them? That's alright: someone will make them awesomely new.

Together with Plan A, betahaus invites you to come swap some old new clothes and learn/share your concerns about the fashion industry and its costs; discuss and practice solutions on this regard and meet some pretty nice guys and gals.

What’s the problem?

  • Every second, one truck of textiles is sent to landfill or burned
  • Less than 1% of clothing material is recycled
  • Fast fashion means we buy cheap, use a little and throw away more than ever before

What do we do about it?

We need to maximise the lifecycle of clothing. This is the place to start! It’s simple:

You bring what you have.

- it still looks great;

- it is clean and trendy;

- someone will love it, for sure! )

You take what you like


- It fits you. You love it.

- You will definitely use it. Or your room mate. Even your mom.)

We will be collecting the clothes the whole day until 18:00h next to the reception, so we can separate and organize them to make it easy and pleasant for you to sneak through.

THIS IS A CASH-FREE EVENT. There won't be any items for sale, including drinks nor snacks - but feel free to bring your own.

**Please bring max 5 pieces. We only take clothes in good condition**

*If you really can't drop your clothes before 18:30h, you can still add them last minute*