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16th March, 2020

19:00 - 21:00


betahaus Neukölln, 2nd floor, breakout


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Claim your success: Brag-workshop for talented women

Stop underestimating yourself, and start learning how the men do it

Do you have the courage to really express your talents? Or do you make yourself smaller than you actually are? In this playful & accessible training you will master the skill of conveying your skills to the world. You’ll discover that bragging can be empowering, but also a lot of fun!

The training will explore the line between self-doubt and arrogance: being realistic about your achievements. We will show the importance of making yourself visible, and learn what works for men (and what doesn’t). We create a safe setting in which you can be bold and express your assets unashamed, we will celebrate your accomplishments, go into detail what it means to be visible, and cover a range of tips and tactics for better negotiating.

“My attitude completely changed during the training. My initial thought was: “do I even have any real relevant achievements?”. In the end I felt: “Wow! I can be damn proud of myself and I can confidently express it!”

For Whom?
Do you know your worth and assets, but do you find difficulty in expressing this? Do you feel you should keep quiet about the hard work you did, because that’s  just ‘part of the job’? Do you sometimes notice you’re making yourself smaller than you actually are? Then this course is a good fit for you. Women only!

About the trainer

Hannah van der Rest and her company BragQueen have a mission to help women express their own power. Unashamed, boastful and ballsy. With a diverse team of trainers she creates a range of trainings and workshops in the realm of positive psychology.

Furthermore, she is a creative consultant in the cultural sector of Amsterdam.

Practical info

Date: Monday March 16th

Time: 19.00-21.00

Price: Pay what you like

Note: bring a pair of extra socks with you!