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betahaus | Kreuzberg, 1st floor, Club Lounge


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Organised by: Katja Navarra

Career Navigation for Women

betahaus | Office Hours are one-on-one free consultancy sessions (30 mins) with experts from our community to our community.

Event Description:

Wouldn't we all like to do work we truly love? Yet, so many women find themselves stuck in jobs and careers that don’t inspire and fulfill them. Even entrepreneurs at times might come to ask themselves: is this really what I want to do? Creating a fulfilling career and life, aligned with our talents and passions, can feel quite overwhelming. In my work as a coach and advisor I support women professionals to navigate through career shifts and changes. I empower them in gaining clarity, being authentic and confidently taking action towards their desired reality. During this session we will look at your current work situation as well as your ideas and visions. We will discuss the direction you'd like to go and explore possible next steps regarding your career.

Katja Navarra holds a Master of Psychology degree with over ten years of work experience, navigating her own career throughout various roles and fields. She has worked in a variety of careers from NGOs in Switzerland, to health promotion, to the creative and entrepreneurial scene in Berlin. She always seeks to foster positive change, optimizing structures and enhancing the well-being of people. In her work approach she combines her pragmatism with her creativity to look at things differently and reframe situations in new ways. She is driven by her passion and ability to bring out the best in others. Katja's purpose is to empower women to create a career and life they love.

Important Information:

  • To secure your spot please register in advance by sending an email to talkto@katjanavarra.com
  • Office Hours is a one-on-one consultation session. Not a group workshop or a presentation.
  • Once you arrive, please go to reception and wait. The event will take place at the "Club Lounge" located next to Reception.
  • Only one session (30 minutes) per person per month.