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11th June, 2018

18:00 - 20:30


Arena, 4th floor, betahaus


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Organised by: Holvi

Bookkeeping 101 for startups and freelancers

We are excited to announce a free bookkeeping 101 session with our bookkeeping partner eifas to answer all of your tax and bookkeeping questions.

A lot of entrepreneurs pile up money in their bank accounts to cover the amount they have to pay to the tax authorities at some point. The goal of the evening is to explain basic concepts of entrepreneurial accounting and getting to know the right digital tools that help you manage your finances. Matthias from eifas will be at the event to answer your most burning questions. 


  • Financial admin and accounting basics 
  • Reporting and general tax reporting ; liquidity planning 
  • How mobile work from anywhere in the world and bookkeeping on the go make your daily work life easier 
  • How the digitalisation of accounting and a digital tax office optimises your administrative processes 
  • Questions

About Holvi

Holvi offers a business current account for freelancers and small business owners — the first of its kind, with an app and an end-to-end platform. Besides traditional online banking features, Holvi is equipped with handy tools for bookkeeping preparation, invoicing and a Business Mastercard. We’re a modern money service for the new wave of dmodern entrepreneurs. 

About eifas 

eifas Steuerberatungsgesellschaft is a tax consultancy based in Berlin, which feels at home in both national and international tax law. Our tax consultants have many years of professional experience. eifas is a network of legally independent companies in the fields of tax consultancy, legal advice, management consultancy and other financial services.

Contact: mike@holvi.com