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14th May, 2019

18:30 - 21:30


InnoSpace, betahaus Kreuzberg, Rudi-Dutschke.Str. 23


Members: Free

Non-Members: Free


Organised by: betahaus

betaSalon: #EP19 - This Time Counts! Fighting for Democracy together.

betaSalon invites you to join this panel debate on the upcoming 2019 European Election, its significance, its challenges and its potentials.

On May, 26 Europe will step to the ballot: 751 Members of the European Parliament are currently representing more than 512 million people from 28 member states. But this years election is not only a reshuffle of who's in charge of the EU's institutions and its hot topic issues.

With Brexit, a wave of populist parties spreading over the continent, harsh anti-EU rhetoric coming even from within the institutions and declining voter turnout since 1979, it seems this 2019 European Election is set up to become a major stress test for the future of the European Idea itself.

On May, 14th betahaus invites its members, friends and partners to debate about the upcoming election and the significance, the challenges and the hopes that are tied to it:

How can the European Union become more collaborative and restore the trust of the EU’s population in its politics? And can we from the startup world offer solutions to further this development?

Panel discussion with
Bianca Praetorius (Candidate Initiative für Europa)
Caroline Flohr, (Candidate  Volt Deutschland)
Laura Bethke (Press Public Relations Officer, European Commission)
and Christian Nowatkzy (Berlinproject) as Host.

Guests will have the chance to continue the conversation with a reception following the panel discussion.