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Every Thursday

09:30 - 11:00


betahaus, Rudi-Dutschke-Str 23


Members: Free

Non-Members: 15€


Organised by: betahaus


Connect with Berlin’s startup community over breakfast

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a meal, and get to know likeminded entrepreneurs, startups and creatives in the city! betabreakfast is our way of helping you stay up-to-date about the Berlin startup scene. Every Thursday from 9:30-11:00, we serve a buffet breakfast in our InnoSpace and watch two - three startups pitch their ideas. Afterwards, you can ask pitching startups questions, network with other members of the betahaus’ coworking community, and take a tour through our space*.

2 May feat. CIEE Entrepreneur Lab
Betabreakfast w/ Doorways - Platform for Traveling Pet Owners, Blauhauch - International All Aomen Theatre Company, Hamze Awawde on peace programs for Israelis and Palestinians, and Spackle - Platform to coordinate your free time with your friends.

9 May
Betabreakfast w/ Lipis Advisors - Design and Develop Services to Streamline Domestic and International payments, Packhelp - Make Custom PackagingEeasy, Systemic Coaching - Find new perspectives, answers, solutions, ideas.

16 May
Betabreakfast w/ Bitspark - Narrowing the Gap Between Human Thinking and Computer Language, Technomad Notes - On-demand Content Writing for Blockchain focussed companies, round-trip PDF Solutions

23 May feat. EOI - European Coworking Program
Betabreakfast w/ School of Love - an Academy for a New Age of Enlightenment in Relationships, Secretsound, Mikunaproject, and Bluejack - building wireless devices and tools for musicians

Want to pitch your startup or do you have something else you’d like to pitch at betabreakfast? Drop us a line at nina@betahaus.de.

* The tour starts at 11:00 and is available for up to 8 people. First come first serve!

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