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26th July, 2019

17:00 - 22:00


betahaus | Neukölln; The Garden


Members: Free

Non Members: Free


Organised by: Edible Alchemy, Ainthemachine & betahaus

The Backyard Sessions

Long days, warm weather, cold drinks and great music. The perfect ingredients for a great slowed down afternoon session outside in our garden.

This summer we welcome you to join The Backyard Sessions at betahaus | Neukölln. Once a month we'll invite friends and Berlin-based artists to come over and jam with us in the backyard.

For the kick-off event, our old friends from Edible Alchemy will open a Pop-Up Bacteria Bar for some summer fun. It will be bubbly, interactive and probably the best chance for your to meet and taste microorganisms. The bar will be stocked with naturally carbonated beverages made with flower petals, spices, saps, roots & unrefined sugars designed by the season. Edible Alchemy forage and gather ingredients to brew these cocktails including wild yeasts harvested from the air to craft fizzy, lifting drinks.

Alongside, we will have a jam session led by AinTheMachine, who you already know from our previous parties. He'll invite you to grab one of his instruments and join him behind the booth or just to have a quiet moment relaxing on the grass listening.  

For the more active souls we'll bring frisbees, slack lines & hula hoops.

Feel free to bring some food & snacks but we would kindly ask you to leave drinks home and grab one from our bar. Trust us - we always have the good stuff!