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January 7, 2013

Staff of the Week: Cevahir Barut

You probably already know Cevahir, he started working at betahaus last September and he is the bar manager of our café. You can recognise him because he always wear a mütze. Thanks to him we can enjoy the weekly event betabreakfast and he is also an important member of the events team.

He moved to Berlin from Bielefeld to attend university - majoring in hospitality. During those two years he was gaining a lot of experience as a bartender in many locations in Berlin. After finishing university he decided to have a life experience and improve his english; therefore, he moved to Australia - in the east coast, for one year. He said that it was one of the most important experience of his life. After moving back to Berlin, he started working in casual jobs until he became a member of our team at betahaus last September.

Why did you decide to work at betahaus?

For my experience so far, I really enjoy working at betahaus, especially because of the people around me. Everyone in betahaus, from our team to all the members, is very open minded, and relax. In addition, most of the people here have an international background, whom I enjoy talking with.

What are your main responsibility at betahaus?

At betahaus, we try to help each other as much as we can, at the end, this is the idea behind the haus. However, my main responsibility is barmanager, which I enjoy the most. In addition, since we have a events department, I help Peer in organizing all the upfront decisions for each event.

What are the main challenges that you faced so far?

Working as a barmanager and in the event team makes my day very busy. This is not a real challenge, but when it comes to organize events in the cafe, and events with the event team, it might become one. Only with a very clear mental organization you are able to overcome this problem. Regarding only my bar-related job, of course sometimes you will find people complaining, but I try to take the best out of it in order to improve our processes and offerings.

What are your future goals?

I really like working at betahaus, and my future goal is try to promote the café as much as possible and consequently betahaus’ coworking and events departments.

Interview by alessandro.

A centralized platform, hub or network for similar companies, could do the trick to fill up the delivery vans & trucks that are barely loaded. Parcels could be distributed more efficiently between different companies and their delivery vehicles.

Like a big pool of parcels from different companies with every single parcel going into that one van with the same route!

Delivery Driver Experience and Smart Delivery Vehicles are also areas with huge potential for improvement and innovation.

Ellie: Two years ago we adopted a new legal structure for Jolocom GmbH according to the purpose model of ownership, manifesting our commitment and dedication to building a self-sovereign organization. That means we can’t take VC funding or sell public shares of the company. 

Volker: Jolocom is a community driven organisation – both in a tech sense but also much further beyond. We’re hugely involved in the DWeb community where we organize and attend events for the decentralized community. Every year we also help organize and attend the DWeb Camp in San Francisco, which brings together all kinds of creatives so this technology of tomorrow is built in a collaborative way.

Next to that on-demand experiences have become firmly embedded into people’s everyday lives - be it a mobile app to book a ride, send flowers to your loved ones or order lunch to your office. It’s all possible and has made premium features like real-time tracking a standard.  The online consumer expects nothing less and certainly doesn’t like to wait.

Making that quick and instant gratification happen is another story though. Groundbreaking ideas and innovations are needed to tackle all these factors. Does your startup have one? 

Then head over to our Future Logistics Challenge! Applications are still open until September 23rd.

Volker: There is this really nice place, called Green Rabbit with salads and baked potatoes where I like to go to. Sometimes I just keep it simple and go to Lidl.

Ellie: I eat a lot in cafe which is here around the corner and I love the Matcha Lattes from Starbucks.

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