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The hardware.co Lab Team

Meet our hardware masters in residence! Want to learn the basics, or rather learn more? Check out our Academy workshops and courses.

Alexander Spiliopoulos

Independent industrial designer, rapid prototyping and manufacturing consultant.

Vegter van Slooten

Industrial product designer, 3D printing expert and entrepreneur.

Oyvind Dahl

Electronics enthusiast, tech-writer and online entrepreneur.

Our Equipment

Testing, tinkering and rapid prototyping. We got all the stuff you need. This is just the beginning...


10 Permanent Workstations, SSD Flooring & Desks, Groundfloor betahaus


Multimeters, Oscilloscopes Pulse/function Generators, Locic Analyser, Spectrum Analyser, FLIR Cam

Rapid Prototyping

Makerbot Replicator 2, Formlabs 1+, Fully Equipped Woodshop, more coming


40000-Count Bench Multimeters, 200MHz Oscilloscopes, Arbitrary Functino Generators, 200MHz Logic Analyzer, 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer, FLIR Camera

Other Machines

PCB Drill Press, Soldering Stations, Hot Air Reflow Tool, Solder fume extractors, Magnifying bench lights

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