Q: What is betahaus?

A: betahaus is a coworking community and space for people who want to work on their own projects and businesses while exchanging knowledge, ideas, and inspiration with others. Betahaus is there to open doors and to expand possibilities. It fosters entrepreneurship, creativity, rapid prototyping and innovative product development.

The community consists of entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, innovative corporate teams, designers, and makers of all kinds, who to various degrees collaborate and cooperate. betahaus currently offers coworking in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia and Barcelona. Our community in Berlin currently consists of over 500 members.


Q: One step back please, what is coworking?

A: Coworking in the most practical sense of the word means to work together with other people in open spaces that stimulate all kinds of exchange and collaboration. ‘Working together’ in a coworking community means you can work on your own business or project, while exchanging ideas with others. Some people simply enjoy spontaneous jam sessions in the hallways, others hire each other for a job or even join forces to found a business together!

Q: Why should I choose coworking, I can just work in a café?

A:  Because in order to take your business or project to the next level, you’ll need to work together with different types of people, who have different sets of expertise. In betahaus, people find a professional network. They find clients, customers, colleagues, and co-founders. Join our coworking community if you want to spend time with people and in spaces that foster inspiration, motivation, courage, and know-how.


Q: Why should I choose betahaus over other coworking spaces?

A: That’s an easy one. Three main reasons. 1. We might not brag about it enough, but we do have a great community. 2. Our community is diverse and there’s a high sharing mentality. Exactly what you need to push things forward. 3. betahaus is grassroots. Once founded by six entrepreneurial-minded students who had the need for a better, more flexible and collaborative workspace, betahaus knows what it’s like to be a startup. It’s been a startup for many years, and in many ways it still is. For this reason, we understand the needs and benefits of startups like little other coworking spaces do.


Q: What is the community like?  

A:  We believe the core strength of our community is its diversity. Diversity in fields of expertise, professional background, ways of working, experience, age, and personality. It’s variables such as these, that allow people to learn from each other, build powerful collaborations, and grow stronger & smarter; as individuals and as a community collectively.

The betahaus community consists of roughly 500 people. Roughly 30% is in startups, 30% is entrepreneur or small business owner, 20% is creative or maker, and 10% is part of an innovative corporate team. You’ll find founders, marketers, managers, legal advisors, architects, graphic designers, illustrators, programmers, photographers, journalists, writers, academics, non-governmental organizations, and remote teams of all kinds. Roughly 40% of members are female, and 60% are male.


Q How do I get to know other people in the community?

A: For starters, there’s a community slack channel and a closed community Facebook group where members constantly talk. We also have many community events going on! Roughly 3 per week we organise ourselves, another approximate 1000 meetups and events are organised in betahaus by other people every year. Plenty opportunity to meet people! These community events we organise for you:

On Thursday mornings we offer you betabreakfast; a weekly community breakfast buffet with a starter of introductions and a side of three startups pitching.

Every Tuesday from 13:00 to 14:00 there is Tupperware Tuesdayr; BYO and let’s have lunch together!

Every second Wednesday of the month, there’s Fuckup Wednesdays. There are so many stories about success, while we learn the most from stories about mistakes. Let’s share our personal stories and we’ll get better together. Members share their failures and what they learned from them in an intimate setting.

Every last Thursday of the month you can join betabeer, which involves free beers, a football table, a small dance floor and an iPod with good music. You never really know someone until you have a drink with them!

If any of these events happen to fall on a public holiday, please keep an eye on our Members letter, the Slack channel or Facebook group for up-to-date information.


Q: What’s the space like?

A: Betahaus offers spaces and rooms designed to flexibly serve multiple purposes. The ambiance of each space is different. Ranging from the laid-back atmosphere of a cafe, to the seriousness of purpose found at a campus library. There are coworking spaces, a community space, team rooms, meeting rooms and event spaces in various sizes. Whether you’re into network and collaborate, or to have a productive day; you’ll always find a place that fits your needs.


Q: What’s the working atmosphere like?

A: In short: betahaus is informal, social, and laid-back in style. Whilst productive and hardworking in manner. Come by and see for yourself!


Q: Can I make phone calls at betahaus in peace and quiet?

A: Of course. Use our Skype Couches, one of the phone boots, or one of the lounge areas. For phone calls that are important or private, we advise you to book a meeting room.


Q: Are there conference rooms available?

A: Yes, there are! We have 4 meetings rooms that can host up to 12 people. They’re equipped with a flat screen, a flip chart, and a variety of presentation equipment. Meeting rooms are free of charge for Pro Members. Club Members can rent the meeting rooms for a discounted price of €20,- per hour.  Externals can rent meeting rooms for a price of €30,- per hour.


Q: Do you offer the standard office facilities?

A: Yes. We have 2 printers, one on each floor; all of which have scanning functions. There’s a kitchen on each floor where you can make a cup of coffee, prepare food, as well as meeting rooms, phone booths, and various event spaces.


Q: Does betahaus offer event spaces?

A: We have various event spaces available. They can host groups up to 200 people per space and can be combined to host more. The event spaces are equipped to serve a wide variety of client needs and event purposes; from hackathons, seminars, and breakout sessions, to movie screenings and product testings. betahaus event spaces are being used by Deutsche Bahn, Google, SAP, Greenpeace, Soundcloud and Zalando, amongst others. Members get a 50% discount on event space rental!


Q: Can I bring over clients or guests?

A: Certainly! For longer meetings or bigger groups, just book one of the meeting rooms. For an informal get-together over coffee, the café is probably the best place. Once you start collaborating with someone who’s spending whole days here on a regular basis, they’ll need to get a membership.

Q: I want to work in a team. Is it possible?

A: Of course. If you sign up with 4 Pro Members or more, we’ll offer you a fixed team desk. We also offer team room memberships where you get to have your own private office in betahaus. Contact Katy if you want to know if we have team rooms available at the moment.


Q: Can I receive my mail at betahaus?

A: As a Pro Member we offer you a mailbox service so you can use betahaus as your official company address. You can pick up your mail at our Front Desk.

Q: What are the opening hours?

A: Pro members have a card and a key to the gate, so they can work at betahaus 24/7. Club Members can work in the coworking spaces on the first floor Mondays to Thursdays from 09:00 to 20:00, and Fridays from 09:00 to 18:00. For the opening hours of the café, have a look here.

Q: Are there more locations I can roam to?

A: Yes! With our One Coworking app you can roam to other coworking spaces in Berlin and other cities for free! You can download the app on Google Play or in the App Store. Log in with your membership credentials.


Q: Can I get a tour?

A: Sure. As an individual you can join our weekly betabreakfast and join the tour on Thursday morning at 11:30. You can get a ticket via eventbrite, have a look at the upcoming events here. If you want a tour for more than 8 people, you can send us a request.


Q: How do I get there?

A: The betahaus is just around the corner from the station U8, Moritzplatz. You can reach Alexanderplatz in 3 minutes, and Kottbusser Tor in 1 minute. From those two major intersections you can travel just about anywhere in Berlin quite easily. Moritzplatz is also accessible with the M29 bus.


Q: How do I become a member?

A: You can get your membership here. Hit join, fill in your details, and you’ll be all set-up! You can also come over and our Front Desk team will set up your membership with you.


Q: Do you have good coffee? And what about lunch?

A: You can get a great cup of coffee in our café. Fresh sandwiches and lunch dishes are prepared by the kitchen daily. We get our Coffee from CoffeeCircle. It’s fair trade, and the founders Robert, Martin and Moritz started in betahaus as well!

As a member you receive a small discount on the lunch. Pro Members just show their members card at the counter and club Members can get a special card from reception.

Q: Can I bring pets? Do others bring theirs?

A: For short visits: always. If you want to bring your dog on a daily basis: yes, unless we have too many of them in the house already. Please double-check with our Front Desk team, and please do make sure to keep them on a leash at all times.

Further questions?

Contact us at reception@betahaus.de.