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Our community is our main asset, and we believe that the core strength of the community is its diversity. Diversity enables people to learn from each other, build powerful collaborations, and grow stronger & smarter; as individuals, and as a community collectively. This is why our community is open-access, with no selection process nor requirements for you to join. Meet some of our members!

Lluis Mateu

Woodworking Instructor at

Max von der Ahé

CEO & Co-founder of

Andrew Steven

Director & Co-founder of
High Voltage SEO

Alice Nell

Content & Brand Manager at

Laure Sorba

Junior Online Marketing Manager at

Maciek Laskus

CEO & Founder of
Startup Safary

Olivia Czetwertynski

International Communication, PR Consultant & Founder of

Mohsen Naderi

Founder & Content Creator at
MN Productions

ERGO Digital Lab Team

Atul Bansal

Founder and CEO of
Seminal Research & Lingual Consultancy