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Wanted: Front Desk Manager

Our team is constantly growing and we might be looking for you.. We’re in search of a Front Desk Manager, starting as a part-time role at 15 hours per week, with the possibility of becoming a full-time position if things go well!   Your responsibilities: You’ll welcome all our guests and members with a big smile You’ll give information on our […]

Marketing Trends 2017

What to focus your marketing efforts on in 2017

It has become increasingly important to put efforts into properly representing ourself online and picking the right channels and formats for people to notice us. Some desk research to find out what the experts are saying regarding marketing trends in 2017.


betahaus Christmas List: Our hand picked items for you!

Know someone who’s Into film and cool tech? Our betahaus & BETAPITCH alumni LUUV has an ACTION GIMBAL on offer. It’s the most lightweight and wearable gimbal on the market for GoPros and GoPro-sized cameras. It comes with an extendable aluminium pole but can also be mounted to your helmet, bike, board, drone and more. Just a heads up, if you order by 19th December, you’ll save €50 & receive it in time for Christmas!


Pack your bags, you’re going to London!

Last week we partnered up with yet another coworking space and this one’s based in London. Meet Edspace, a community and coworking space for people looking to transform education – teachers, charities, businesses, social enterprises, investors and accelerators.


4 Reasons why Workations are Mostly a Terrific Deal

Workations offer enormous value to internet entrepreneurs, both nomadic and stationary. Oftentimes, benefit and cost are weighed with the wrong mindset, and the ticket prices of €800-€1,500 appear relatively costly. But the formalized knowledge transfer in the form of workshops, masterminds and presentations as well as intense collaboration and tight bonds of friendship forming during shared activities yield returns that far exceed their investment.


First week down at our Mighty Labs pre-accelerator!

Mighty Labs was created to aid young entrepreneurs in their first steps of building and launching their ventures, right here in betahaus. We’re excited about the launch of our own in-house pre-accelerator and also excited to work alongside these incredible, aspiring entrepreneurs from the MENA region.


Job Market: Conrad is hiring!

Conrad Electronic are hiring! If you don’t know them, Conrad Electronic is a German online retailer of electronic products. They are also our main partner in crime for our hardware lab downstairs. Here are some of the roles they’re offering along with a short description of what they require from you!


Our new partner eMio: Log On. Jump On. Drive Off.

You’ll have seen their red scooters dotted around the city, but how many of you have actually ridden one? Well now’s your chance! betahaus just became a registration point for eMio Sharing and with the sign up code ‘betahaus’ you get your first 20 minutes of driving for free!

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We ❤ Mother Kombucha

Alexis Goertz and Clemens Gammer run Mother Kombucha; the most well-known and widespread kombucha drink in Berlin. They serve restaurants like Parker Bowls and Standard Pizza, you may even have seen them in the craft beer shop Lager Lager!


All Wrapped Up: People In Beta Summer Party

The party may be over but we’re still feeling the repercussions! We’d like to thank our sponsors Ergo, Holvi, Conrad, and Glutamat for making it possible! We’d also like to thank you all for coming and we hope that you had a great time – we certainly did. Didn’t manage to make it? Here’s an […]


BETAPITCH Global & Investors Day bigger than ever in 2016

Get Ready for BETAPITCH Global and Investors Day 2016! On October 15, BETAPITCH is combining two key events that bring the international startup scene together for one action-packed Saturday: BETAPITCH Global & Investors Day! Investors Day connects fundseeking startups with leading international investors and key players in the field. Participating startups are invited for one-on-one personal […]

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Five ways to create more connection in the workplace

From our experience in helping teams work better together, we’ve selected a few very effective tools to inspire more humanness and connectivity in your team. Introduce them in your workplace with consistency and verve — and we are positive you will soon see the effects in your team.


People In Beta Summer Party: The DJ line-up

We’ll be spamming soul, disco, funk, garage and house music. While going towards the early hours of the morning, we’ll move towards a more Chicago, Detroit sound. With We Are JoJo, Cashmere, Enterprise of Lambs, and I.nOmac

Tom and Hagar on couch

A plea for more connection in the workplace

Happy Thursday! Today we’re introducing our very first guest blog, written by Tom Laterveer & Hagar Michel from Animo. Animo is a Berlin-based organizational happiness and teamwork firm that facilitates, trains and consults companies in building an organization people love to work for.    Most of us spend more time at the office than anywhere else. There is no activity […]

Photo by Dominik Tryba

The 4th batch of Hardware.co has winners!  

On Wednesday night we had our demoday and 10 startups shared their vision for the future of hardware. Also present were our partners Siemens, BVG, Deutsche Bahn mindbox and Beyond (Bosch), as well as Sizzl, Alpha Board, AtomLeap and TechCode, who awarded a range of prizes to the finalists. We know you’re curious to find […]

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The launch of a new pre-accelerator: Mighty Labs!

We have some big news for young startups! Today we’re launching Mighty Labs, a new pre-accelerator program for up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are ready to build their ideas into thriving businesses.   What can you expect?  The program will help young founders to develop their ideas into strong products or services, market their business, and teach them […]

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Hardware.co: Startups of Batch 4

On July 10th we’ll kick off the 4th Hardware.co accelerator program! The selection of startups has been made, and confirmation of the participating teams are coming in! Let us introduce you to them, we’ll keep updating this blogpost as others also confirm. Already want to get your tickets to see the startups pitch on our demoday? You […]


Aboalarm and Hi Emma Win the BNP Paribas International Hackathon!

Last weekend, startups Hi Emma and Aboalarm took home the grand prize at the BNP Paribas International Hackathon that was held right here, in betahaus . Hi Emma is a finance chatbot that helps users who want to do their banking in a hassle free way by providing a humanized interface to banking applications. For […]


Making music in betahaus

Exciting things are happening in betahaus! Recently, Diego moved in and built a music studio. Diego Ain aka Ain TheMachine, is a Brazilian composer and producer with a clear goal: to transform the way we interact with music. He created Musica Biotronica, which is music without instruments. Instead, he uses four elements: body, voice, everyday objects, and technology. […]


Social Media on TV!

OOZO.tv is a web based digital signage system that displays social media content. We use it here at betahaus and if you’ve been in our cafe you know what we’re talking about! Our recent chat with Founder Norton Amato Jr. explains how OOZO.tv has become the platform it is today and what the story behind […]


Community driven hardware accelerator by Hardware.co is back!

Berlin’s oldest community-driven hardware accelerators is back! This summer, we’ll be home to 10 hardware startups as part of the Hardware.co accelerator program. The two-week program founded and run by the Berlin hardware community first took off in November 2013. This summer will be its fourth batch. As usual, the program takes zero equity, no intellectual […]


WANTED: Maker in residence!

Looking to get more hands-on experience in creative design for events? We’re searching for a creative and proactive maker in residence / artist to join our team! Function: To create a design project for betahaus. You’ll be able to improve you skills (or even learn them from scratch) in wood work and interior design. You will be working […]

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Our new partner space | Meet Toolbox

Our coworking community just got a little larger. Meet our new partner space Toolbox. As of today, our members can spend 5 days a month there for free. Toolbox is a 6000 square-meter coworking space and creative hub for independent workers in Turin, Italy. It’s the focal point for IoT & Artificial Intelligence, as well as for social and […]

Betahaus_HR-Coworking-3rdfloor-Danique van Kesteren

Wanted: Feelgood Manager (Intern)

We’re looking for a feelgood manager! Someone who’s there to collaborate with and assist our coworking and community teams. Someone who always knows what’s going on in our community, and in our spaces.   Our team is constantly growing and so we are looking for you! What you will be doing:  You’ll walk around, talk […]


Seven fintech startups about to go big

The era of basic online banking services has nearly passed, whilst the era of consumers and businesses performing financial transactions online has truly begun. The financial technology (fintech) segment has entered the mainstream through a mix of startups and traditional enterprises, offering peer-to-peer lending, boutique online wealth management and personal finance mobile apps. All of […]


The Jungle of Things: Innovations and Investments in IoT

We live in an exciting time where our nature of dealing with physical objects is being woven into the internet, and vice versa. Together they’re creating a new collaborative harmony: the Internet of Things. IoT is all about connecting objects to the internet, but it does more! The data collected by sensors are distributed to smart hard- and […]

hackathon 2016

Imagining the future of banking

The way people take care of their financial accounting is changing rapidly. Although online banking was introduced in 1999, it was only 10 years ago that it most big commercial banks started offering it to their customers. In the late 1980s, ‘online’ meant plugging your high-end PC into a landline phone just to check your […]


Startup Investment: Insights from 2015

The startup scene is booming – what else is new! Billions get invested into young companies each year, mainly through Venture Capital. But what gets spent exactly, and where does the money go? At the end of last year, EY published an insightful research report listing all the numbers and summing up what happened in 2015. Maybe […]


BETAPITCH 2016 kicks off in Berlin

Roll up, roll up! BETAPITCH 2016 has launched and kicks off at 6 PM on April 7th with BETAPITCH Berlin! Come join us to see 8 of the best startups in IoT and Hardware compete in front of an incredible expert jury; specialists such as Jørg Rheinboldt from Axel Springer Plug n Play Accelerator, Bastian Bergmann […]


7 IoT startups to keep an eye on

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things, Smart industries, and Industry 4.0. You’ve probably heard of many up & coming startups in this scene, such as Bragi, Panono, Buddyguard and Senic, but there are more! Especially B2B startups get relatively little attention from the public. They’re often dealing with very specific and highly technical […]

betahaus job

Wanted: Accelerator Associate betahaus X

Are you passionate about startups and do you thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and culture? Do you want to work with a young, fun, and inspiring team and enjoy being in a fast paced environment? If so, you are a perfect candidate for betahaus x!  At betahaus, you will have the opportunity to work in […]

Ron blogposts

Ron Markus | Celebrating our longest-lasting member

Ron Markus is an acclaimed comedy writer and the longest-lasting member in betahaus – he’s been here for over 7 years. His work includes more than 20 prime time productions as a screenwriter and producer for shows such as “Letzte Spur Berlin“, “Flemming“, and “Stromberg“. For the latter, he was awarded the Grimmepreis, one of […]


Analogue Small Things

Another two amazing women working in the betahaus café! Gwen (left) and Luisa (right) discovered their mutual love for small things, and decided to join forces. Gwen has a background in fashion, as well as film & theatre design, and runs various sewing courses. Luisa Orduño Cázares is a Visual Artist from Tijuana, México, and […]


betahaus camp

The founders of DNX, Copass and betahaus met on a beach in Bali. They had a drink, caught some waves, and decided that the best thing they could possibly do together is to join forces and give their communities the possibility to meet, have a drink, and catch some waves together too. And so they […]

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From carpenter to betahaus kitchen apprentice | Meet Martin

Martin used to be a carpenter. Helping out our Chef de Cuisine Sven at betahaus BBQs sparked his interest in cooking, and in February Sven invited Martin for an apprenticeship in betahaus – the first one we’ve ever had! Martin decided to seize the opportunity, exchange wood for food, and give it a shot: making a career out […]


BETAPITCH 2016 is launching in 9 cities and counting!

Are you ready to take your startup to the next level, make a difference, run the world? Great, because we’re ready for you too. We’re launching BETAPITCH 2016 and start our yearly hunt for the best startups. We’ll be in 9 cities and we’re still counting.   HOT STARTUPS MAP What started years ago as an […]


Startup Basics 101 with Yatan Blumenthal | Stay, Scale, or Exit

The word is out! You might have heard it; in March starts a brand new accelerator at ours! Who, what, where? EY start-­up-challenge,​ in collaboration with b​etahausX.​ Great reason to ask our Chief Accelerator Yatan Blumenthal to write a series of blogs, and share some basic startup insights.    Phase #4: Stay, Scale, or Exit […]


Startup Basics 101 with Yatan Blumenthal | Growth

You have now overcome rejection, and your business idea and product have changed significantly. You’ve gone through many iterations and you’ve logged your learnings. You have revenue and proudly read the black numbers on your P&L sheet.


Lisa is pursuing a new dream

Today is a little sad for the betahaus team. Our very first employee Lisa is leaving us to pursue a new dream: she’s going to be a Surgical Technology Assistant. Lisa had many jobs at betahaus, but in the last years she was our back office manager, taking care of accounting, contracts, Human Resource, Team building, and […]


Jesse Van Mouwerik about Digital Content: Trends, Inspiration, and Creation

The betahaus café plays an important part in the life of Jesse Van Mouwerik (left). Here, in 2014, the multitalented digital content creator met Stephen Bontly (right), a New Media artist with a passion for projection mapping and set design. They’ve been working together ever since, creating illustrations and logos, and animating them for light shows and […]


Startup Basics 101 with Yatan Blumenthal | Validating & Establishing Sales

The word is out! You might have heard it; in March starts a brand new accelerator at ours! Who, what, where? EY Start-­Up Challenge,​ in collaboration with b​etahausX.​ Great reason to ask our Chief Accelerator Yatan Blumenthal to write a series of blogs, and share some basic startup insights.   Phase #2: Validating & Establishing […]


Startup Basics 101 with Yatan Blumenthal | Building a Strong Foundation

The word is out! You might have heard it; in March starts a brand new accelerator at ours! Who, what, where? EY Start-­Up Challenge,​ in collaboration with b​etahausX.​ Great reason to ask our Chief Accelerator Yatan Blumenthal to write a series of blogs, and share some basic startup insights.   Phase #1: Building a Strong […]


2015 / 2016 with Sarah Kennedy

If December is all about reflecting and setting new goals, then January would be the month to actually get to work: to push limits, change habits and work to reach those goals. In our 2015/2016 series, betahaus members share with you what they’ve learned in 2015, and what their goals are for 2016.   Sarah […]


2015 / 2016 with Adrian Stewart

If December is all about reflecting and setting new goals, then January would be the month to actually get to work: to push limits, change habits and work to reach those goals. In our 2015/2016 series, betahaus members share with you what they’ve learned in 2015, and what their goals are for 2016.   Adrian Stewart […]


2015/2016 with Gwendolyn Noltes

If December is all about reflecting and setting new goals, then January is the month to actually get to work: to push limits, change habits and work to reach goals. In our 2015/2016 series, betahaus members share with you what they’ve learned in 2015, and what their goals are for 2016.   Gwendolyn Noltes   Lessons   […]

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Coming to betahaus & open for applications: EY Start-up Challenge

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be collaborating with EY Start-Up Challenge on their upcoming accelerator program. Following two successful programs in London, the EY Start-Up Challenge will be with us in Berlin from March to June 2016. Its focus? Industry 4.0 and Smart Services. Its aim? To bring together the brightest and best startup […]


2015/2016 with Bào Hà

If December is all about reflecting and setting new goals, then January is the month to actually get to work: to push limits, change habits and work to reach goals. In our 2015/2016 series, betahaus members share with you what they’ve learned in 2015, and what their goals are for 2016.   Bào Hà LESSONS OF 2015 […]


Meet Khalil Khoury & his Mysquare World

One of our members Khalil Khoury has just launched his app mysquare and is looking for beta-testers. In short, mysquare connects instagram accounts to a location on a city map. Great for companies who want to claim their ‘instagram location’ on the map. Great for people who are exploring the city and want to get to know it through people’s […]

google launchpad week

Google Launchpad Week 2015 at betahaus

Next week we’ll have a bunch of interesting guests in the house! From 6 to 11 December, we’re hosting Google Launchpad Week! Google Launchpad Week is a boot camp for early stage startups focusing on critical topics such as product strategy and business development, user experience and user interface, technology, marketing and presentation skills. Each […]


Meet Cory James Hohs, CEO of Haas

Cory James Hohs is a great example of a proactive go-getter who left his day job at Nokia to start his own company: a multidisciplinary design consultancy on mobile app development & branding. At first, the company only focused on mobile apps, but eventually it also starting developing IoT connected hardware. In January 2015, Cory took part in our Introduction to Arduino workshop in order to […]


betahaus Christmas Jamboree

Ho Ho Ho! With Santa’s help we’re throwing you a Christmas Jamboree on Friday December 11th from 6 to 9pm. We’ll begin the night with a Member’s Feast that includes a mouthwatering four-course dinner. Wine & beers are included, and to add some sweet adventure we’ll have a Treat Corner with games, popcorn and cotton candy. After the feast, […]


Holiday Closing Hours

Important announcement! We’ll have special closing hours for the holidays. On Friday December 11th, reception will close at 4pm in preparation of our Christmas Jamboree. All of betahaus is closed on December 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st, and January 1st. Have a lovely & relaxing holiday and we hope to see you after the New Year!


The betahaus | Academy Launch!

What used to be our ‘education department’ is getting an improvement and a new name along with it. On November 26th, we’re happy to be launching betahaus | Academy! Come celebrate with us at our special betabeer edition. It’ll take place in the café, you can bring all your friends, the first 100 beers are […]


Thanksgiving Market at betahaus

We’re excited to announce our first annual Thanksgiving Market, put together by our girls Lisa and Reni! On Saturday November 21st, the haus will be transformed into a paradise for vintage lovers and autumn enthusiasts.  We’ll have vendors selling vintage clothing, small furniture, antiques & second-hand stuff, handcrafted jewelry and 3D-printed products made by our friend Vegter. We’ll be roasting chestnuts in our […]

pen paper peace

Startup of the Month | Pen Paper Peace

betahaus supports several NGOs by providing them with a free desk and meeting space. One of them is Pen Paper Peace, a small NGO that works to improve the living conditions and educational opportunities for kids living in Haiti. We asked Michaela Westphal a few questions about the Pen Paper Peace organisation and its endeavours.   […]

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Deutsche Bahn Mindbox call for startups

Good news for startups looking to join an accelerator program! Deutsche Bahn is opening a beautiful new innovation space at Jannowitzbrücke called Mindbox. They’re on the lookout for startups that can add value to any part of the Deutsche Bahn infrastructure – from energy to railroads, from networks to stations. If you’re interested, send in your application by November 15th! Curious what startups […]

korea blogpost

Korean startups – stay in touch!

The last few months we’ve had some strangers in the haus. They were taking part in an accelerator program here, created in conjunction with Accelerate Korea and co-developed by SMBA and the Korean governmental organisation KISED. Last week they flew back to Korea, but we’re excited to stay in touch and follow their future endeavours! For […]


Meet | Fermentation Queen and Probiotic Warrior Alexis Goertz

  She may have served you in the Cafe, or you might have caught her restoring old furniture in the Woodshop. Our multi-talented friend and barista Alexis Goertz is a skilled entrepreneur. She makes and promotes healthy fermented food and drinks through her company Edible Alchemy, and is owner of the Mother Kombucha drink – that she sells […]


Team building in Albania

A couple of weeks ago we were in Tirana, the capital of Albania, for our betahaus camp. The two questions we got upon arrival back home were: ‘Why Tirana?’ and ‘I saw lots of fun-photos, what did you actually do there?’ Let our CEO’s Max, Madeleine and Christoph answer them for you. Why we went to Albania (and […]

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Vegter’s FAQ on 3D printing

  Do you know the bearded guy that’s always in betahaus and hangs out in the hardware lab most of the time? His name is Vegter and he’s our man when it comes to 3D printing! Vegter is a product designer from the Netherlands who moved to Berlin four years ago. Upon arrival he got himself a […]


Airbus Bizlab accelerator call for startups

Alert for startups with innovative and game-changing ideas! Airbus Bizlab is opening a new accelerator program in Hamburg! After successfully launching an accelerator program in Toulouse, Airbus has now opened their second BizLab aerospace business accelerator in Hamburg. They’re looking for early-stage startups to take on board. 


Our Valley In Berlin DemoDay

What an amazing end to last week with our Valley In Berlin DemoDay! Our betahaus accelerator team was working around the clock with startup hubs Accelerate Korea, Founder Institute, and YOU IS NOW to produce this event – and boy did they pull it off! Over 1,000 people joined us for inspiring talks, bold pitches, & some delicious food trucks at […]


A New Level of Coworking! betahaus opens the 2nd floor

Big news! We’re adding something big to the ‘haus, a new level of coworking…something floor shaped. That’s right, from the 1st November betahaus will open the second floor, the only level out of four you didn’t yet have access to. The whole building will be beta! The expansion creates additional workspace with 6 team rooms […]


Startup of the Month | Urban Sports Club

It’s been a while since we highlighted a startup of the week, so it’s about time we restore the habit! This week we’d like to introduce you to one of the healthiest startups based in betahaus | Berlin. You might have heard of them, you might have even joined their club… It’s Urban Sports Club!  


Demo Day of Korean startup teams at Valley in Berlin

Ladies and Gents, on September 24th, the international investor scene and Berlin startups will come together at the renowned “Valley in Berlin” and we want to see you there! In the last weeks you may have seen numerous mentors flowing into the house and talking to the teams of Korean startups, who are staying at betahaus for their 3-month […]


Exciting news: Our Hardware Lab starts selling day passes!

Exciting news: As of today, our Hardware lab by Conrad Electronic​ starts selling day passes! For 29 euros, you’re able to work in the lab from 9:30 to 17:30 and use all the tools and components. We have general testing equipment such as oscillators, arduino based testboards and sensory equipment, a heat camera, a microscope, […]

Coworking on the Seven Seas

Coworking on the open seas

Imagine yourself on a boat, relaxing in the sun shining brightly above you, surrounded by crystal blue water with the tranquil rhythm of waves crashing. While you sip on a delicious tropical drink, you’re working on your dream company, raising funding for your startup, or writing your first book. Sounds like a dream, right? Well. […]


Help the refugees

Germany is taking in over 800,000 refugees this year, a figure that could rise to 1 million. We all read about it in newspapers and see it on television, and a lot of people want to help – but don’t know how.    Here’s some ways:    If you have an old laptop you’re no […]



What a gorgeous day we had last weekend with our 4th annual People In Beta Festival! Over 800 people visiting our +50 workshops, talks, demonstrations and exhibitions: betahaus was brimming with activities.


Meet Coffee Expert Hannes Fendrich

Hannes Fendrich will be holding a coffee course at betahaus starting in September, one that we’ve created in collaboration with Coffee Circle Berlin. Hannes’ coffee journey began by roasting his own beans at home. After developing his barista skills, he began working at Coffee Circle where he ran a pop-up coffee shop and mastered his espresso-making […]


WANTED: Online Marketing Manager – Internship

We’re looking for an intern in Online Marketing Management! Want to gain experience in writing articles, conducting interviews, and managing social media, all while improving your project management skills? Then maybe this is something for you! We are looking for a responsible, organised, and creative person, who is fluent in English and can commit to […]