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Event Description

This is a highly interactive workshop for participants who have an idea for a business they’d like to pursue, and would benefit from a group and structure to help them begin finding product-market fit. We will provide ideas, tools, assignments, and a forum for discussion that will allow people to get moving on their ventures.

Heavily based on Steve Blanks, “Four Steps to the Epiphany”, and “Customer Development” classes at Stanford and Berkeley MBA programs.

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January 7th, Class 1: Introduction and Customer Discovery

  • Discuss concept of product market fit
  • Introduce idea of customer development vs. product development
  • What it means to know your customers
  • Knowing your market type (existing, new, niche, low cost entrant)
  • Interactive: Each person has 10 minutes to share idea, explain the hypothesis they will test in the next week
  • Homework: Create and execute a test to see whether or not there is a customers and a market for that vision

January 14th, Class 2: Customer Validation

  • Discuss concept of customer validation
  • Share examples in well-known startups
  • Share methods to complete customer validation
  • Interactive: Each person has 10 minutes to share how their test went, to discuss if they feel they are ready for customer validation or will continue with customer discover, and next steps (either on customer validation or customer discovery)

January 21, Class 3: Customer Creation

  • Discuss concept of customer creation
  • Share examples of this in well-known startups
  • Share methods to complete customer creation
  • Interactive: Students have 10 minutes each to share outcome of last week’s test, and next set of hypotheses they are testing

Student Takeaways:

  1. Focus on customer development instead of product development
  2. Understand what it means to do customer development means, and what the various stages or customer development are
  3. Fail early and often. Drive home the importance of iteration and failing

Level Pre-Requisites:

  • Attendees must come with an idea or business in mind to tests. Those with and without previous startup experience are welcome.

Required class materials / software:

  • PowerPoint or KeyNote to create slides that will be presented in class.

Instructor bios:
Siddhi Saraiya
Siddhi is a Product Manager, and has worked on the product teams at OpenTable, Mobclix, and Velti in San Francisco, along with a handful of other smaller companies. She enjoys the challenge of building sophisticated yet simple products, and currently works with the Growth team at Xyo in Berlin.

Sebastian Knopp
Sebastian loves building outstanding products for the tech industry. After co-founding and selling a computer forensics company, he started his latest startup – fluidmobile, a mobile consulting company. The company’s client base includes Xyo, where he is part of the Growth team. Sebastian’s home base is the south of Germany where he is a vital evangelist for the local mobile economy.

Matthaus Krzykowki
Matthaus’ passion is to help creative people, be it for example software engineers or designers, succeed. He loves product management in early stage mobile and digital startups: from concept, execution to scaling the business. He is a Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at app search company Xyo as well as a Co-Founder of the dots’n’spaces collective of technology professionals.

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