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CNC Routering and Lasercutting – what you need to know

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CNC routers and laser cutters play an essential role in the creative fields today, whether you’re making complex, designs, or if you simply want to bring your digital creations to life. But  just as with 3D printing, these technologies can be great for a specific project, and not as efficient (time and money wise), for another one. For this reason it is important to understand the possibilities and limits of each machine, in order to achieve a better result for a friendlier price.

Walter Mason is currently running formcut, a CNC  facility based in Planet Modulor. Stefan Canditt and his service Formulor provides lasercutting for everyone. They will come to betahaus once in a month to consult your issues and projects with you. They will answer all questions regarding CNC Routering and Lasercutting projects.

No booking needed, just come to the betahaus | reception during the Office Hour time or book your appointment by sending an email to doubleyou.em@gmail.com


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