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Event Description

Emily Green, Backend Engineer, SoundCloud

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Class Overview: 

7 Inspired by the book 7 languages in 7 weeks we’ll be introducing 7 different computer languages in just one day.  For each language we’ll be coding up a simple example.  We’ll be using the different languages as a gateway to explore broader themes in computing, including memory models, type systems, concurrency models, compilation and interpretation, virtual machines, and object-oriented and functional programming paradigms.  This class will be perfect for developers who are looking to improve their programming by dabbling in a bit of polyglotism.

Languages covered will be, C, Java, Ruby, Haskell, Clojure, Go and Erlang.


Student Takeaways:

  •  learning new languages is a good way to learn new concepts,
  • languages can differ hugely in their approach; understanding these differences will make us better coders in any language,
  • vive la différence!


Level Pre-Requisites:

Students will need to be already proficient in at least one programming language.  Basic knowledge of the command line, and Git will also be needed.


Required class materials / software:

We will be coding up some exercises, so students should bring laptops. Before the day we’ll send out instructions on how to install enough to run programs in the 7 languages; but if you run into problems, we can sort it out on the day.


Instructor bio:

Emily is a developer who moved to Berlin from London. She’s a little in love with programming languages, and has programmed in various ones since she wrote her first program when she was 14 (embarrassingly enough in Visual Basic; yep, dated and a little disgusting!). Nowadays she organises a functional programming club called The Fun Club, and works as a Backend Engineer on SoundCloud’s Data Team.


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