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Our community is our main asset, and we believe that the core strength of the community is its diversity. Diversity enables people to learn from each other, build powerful collaborations, and grow stronger & smarter; as individuals, and as a community collectively. This is why our community is open-access, with no selection process nor requirements for you to join. Meet some of our members!

Max von der Ahé

CEO & Co-founder of

Sebastian Weyer

Business Development at

Tom Latveer

Woodworking Instructor at

Cevahir Barut

F&B Manager of

Robert Rudnick

CEO of
Coffee Circle

Thomas Channell

Vice President of
IMG Artists GmbH

Julia Sommerer

Co-founder & CEO of
Glutamat Kommunikation

Lisa Schaar

Event Manager at

Vegter van Slooten

3D Printing Expert at

Sarah Kennedy

Freelance Designer at
Sarah Kennedy Design