So Happy Together!

We are the people, working in different kind of disciplines, in Entrepreneurial Affairs, Art&Design, Consultancy, Development and Code, DIY and Media.


Cevahir Barut

gastro manager

T. Madsen-Mygdal

Angel Investor

Max von der Ahé

ceo/cofounder betahaus

Marc Lallemand

Cleantech and Hardware Expert

Jan Kuhlen

Legal Advisor

Madeleine Gummer

ceo/cofounder betahaus

Chris Bleuel

Information Architect, UI & UX Designer

Magda Cuber

UI/UX Design,Concept Development

Vegter van Slooten

3D Printing Expert

Peer Warnke

Event producer

Jörg Reinboldt

Startup Mentor

Peter Bihr

Digital Mastermind

Marc C. Lange

UX Consultant

Ida Tin

Entrepeneur and Author

Lisa Debus

Backoffice Manager

Christoph Fahle

ceo/cofounder betahaus

Willempje Vrins

Gamification Expert

Jeff Katz

Hardware Expert

Ralph Riecke

Senior Investment Manager