So Happy Together!

We are the people, working in different kind of disciplines, in Entrepreneurial Affairs, Art&Design, Consultancy, Development and Code, DIY and Media.


Lluis Mateu

Woodworking Instructor / Open Design City

Katka Nagyova

BETAPITCH | global

Marc C. Lange

UX Consultant

Madeleine Gummer

ceo/cofounder betahaus

Cevahir Barut

gastro manager

Peter Bihr

Digital Mastermind

Willempje Vrins

Gamification Expert

T. Madsen-Mygdal

Angel Investor

Ralph Riecke

Senior Investment Manager

Jonas Pauly Projectmanager

Magda Cuber

UI/UX Design,Concept Development

Jeff Katz

Hardware Expert

Chris Bleuel

Information Architect, UI & UX Designer

Jan Kuhlen

Legal Advisor

Tom Latveer

Woodworking Instructor / Open Design City

Lisa Debus

Backoffice Manager

Max von der Ahé

ceo/cofounder betahaus

Christian Bogatu

hardware expert/ cofounder of

Jörg Reinboldt

Startup Mentor

Marc Lallemand

Cleantech and Hardware Expert

Peer Warnke

Event producer

Christoph Fahle

ceo/cofounder betahaus

Vegter van Slooten

3D Printing Expert

Alexander Steinhart

Psychologist, ceo/cofounder ( OFFTIME )

Tim Kirchner

cfo/cofounder LUUV

Ida Tin

Entrepeneur and Author

Nina Buschle

HR Innovations Consultant & Co-Founder Bridgery

Anthony Forsans

Entrepreneur, Founder hoard