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The interview was made with Sebastian Rumberg, the Head of Communications of Blinkist. How’s the business going after one year of work? Blinkist started in August 2012. In the beginning it was all about getting the first prototype done. We are especially happy with the way Blinkist developed over the …




  Who are you? I’m Alexander, a corporate entrepreneur working in Deutsche Telekom. How did you come  up with the idea of Mighty-Office? When you work on a big projects in a company having 700 offices worldwide, it is impossible to remember where the offices are so you don’t use …




  What is Tongr for?! Tongr connects travellers, expats and locals, based on the languages they speak. It is a location-based application that uses languages as the common trait to connect people abroad with complementary needs. People who come to a foreign country do not need to feel alone anymore …




What is FabGate?  FabGate is the first 3D-Printing & Rapid Prototyping marketplace where you can print your 3D models. On the one hand, you can get your printed products faster than using the other online 3D-printing services. On the other hand, it brings more orders to the manufacturers and therefore …




What is Capsule.fm?! Capsule.fm plays your favorite online content as a live, interactive and personalized audio experience. We take the best bits of the news, your social media, email, stock and location information and create your very own online listening experience. It’s just like hearing your own web. Using advanced …




Solarbrush not only won the last betapitch but also is part of the hub:raum Accelerator Program. Alessandro did an interview with Ridha, the founder of Solarbrush. What is Solarbrush all about? Weathering can negatively affect solar power plants; in particular, panels installed in dry areas can lose efficiency due to sand …




What is Eisenhower and how did you come up with the idea? Eisenhower is a task management solution based on the proven Eisenhower matrix, a time management principle by former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Eisenhower matrix helps you to prioritize both your business and personal tasks by urgency and …




What is Design for Social Change? Design for Social Change (D4SC) is a win-win-win social impact business for communities, local businesses and global brands. We are creating Changify – A Kickstarter for civic change linked to a realtime locality and brand index where your change projects are brought to life …




What is Railsonfire? “Software is eating the world” as Marc Andreessen says and in this software industrial revolution, software engineers need to release their software in faster cycles and with less bugs. We provide them a hosted continuous testing and especially continuous deployment service to address both of those needs. …




Interview by Alessandro Vercesi What is Blinkist and how did you come up with the idea? Blinkist is a smartphone-tablet app that answers the need of using spare time in a useful and rewarding way. The goal of the app is to give users the possibility to read the core ideas …