Our Diary

Welcome to our daily life.


Easter Egg hunt with Wundercar!


A new game for everybody visiting our café! Today and tomorrow, you can get a bit of action together with your coffee at us. At this moment you can find little blue cars hidden in our café on the ground floor. What does that mean? Everybody who finds such a car and brings it to …

the food assembly

Pop-Up farmers markets The Food Assembly growing from betahaus!


Recently Yatan started to work, besides our beloved hardware accelerator hardware.co, on expanding The Food Assembly in Germany. It is a platform which enables people to buy local products directly from farmers. Delicious topic, right? So if you’re a local food enthusiast, networker with love for good products having some spare time …


betapitch | Berlin is approaching and looks for hardware startups!


On the 2nd of May in Berlin, the big things will be made! Apply for the betapitch | hardware and get a present just for filling in the application. Got a startup building a physical device? Knowing about friends building a hardware thingy? Tell them to sign up for betapitch | …


LUUV is out!


Our favourite startup from the house is launching their crowdfunding campaign and you should check it out! LUUV has developed a camera stabiliser for action cameras and smartphones for taking a shake-free footage. Which in real means that you can record yourself snowboarding, skateboarding or doing other crazy gigs and …

bartenders berlin

Meet Clara, Gwen & Jenni


Remember our rocket girls organizing the Bartenders Berlin exhibition?? We’ve asked them few questions so that next time you’ll be getting your cappuccino from them, you have hints what to talk about. And the thing that would make them the happiest?! Meeting you at their Bartenders Berlin vernissage on the …


Protonet – betahaus alumni – won startup pitch at SXSW!


Ali from protonet won the the startup pitch at the German House at SXSW 2014! Protonet not only was the startup of the year 2013 it also is one of the betapitch | alumni! Congratz to Ali and his team! Here is an article in “Der Spiegel” about it. (Ali is the guy on the right, …




   Wondering what are we up to when we don’t serve you coffee at our betahaus | café? BARTENDERS BERLIN is a project of Clara, Gwen and Jenni, our 3 bartenders from betahaus | café who wish to give the space for presentation to more arty souls. People who are …




A new cool startup is joining the betahaus family! Why? A while ago we hosted the Elance Big Idea Pitch Night. On that night, the startups in 7 cities around the world pitched their business and their plans with Elance credits. Berlin’s Big Idea Pitch Night at betahaus was moderated …