Coworking on the open seas

Imagine yourself on a boat, relaxing in the sun shining brightly above you, surrounded by crystal blue water with the tranquil rhythm of waves crashing. While you sip on a delicious tropical drink, you’re working on your dream company, raising funding for your startup, or writing your first book. Sounds like a dream, right? Well. A not-for-profit project called Coboat is turning this fantasy into a reality. Coboat gives entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to use a catamaran as coworking space to work, create, explore, and network…all while traveling anywhere from Thailand to Indonesia to the Mediterranean. 

 We were curious, so we asked Coboat’s Gerald Schömbs a few questions about the project and how you can take a trip with them.

In short: what’s the vision?
Coboat wants the catamaran to be a relaxing yet productive and creative space where different teams can bounce ideas off of one another and work efficiently with little distraction in a beautiful, serene, and tranquil atmosphere.


How many people can go on the boat?
The 82ft retrofitted catamaran can hold up to twenty people and offers comfortable sleeping and working accommodations, three meals a day, and water sports equipment for when teams want to take a break and have a bit of fun. Coboat is good for the environment too! The boat uses self-sustainable green technology and relies solely solar and wind generated power and desalinated ocean water.


What about the wifi, how is it possibly to get good enough internet in the middle of the ocean for people to work effectively?
Well, Coboat uses cutting-edge technology – seamless transition from cellular to satellite-based communications.

Any way we can get on board for free?
Coboat has teamed up with Jovoto for an upcoming competition called “Made on Coboat” where winners will have 100 days on the catamaran to work on their startup projects. All you have to do is submit a one-page summary of a project or idea you’d like to work on while at sea. We have only 8 days left to apply! 

Don’t want to compete and just want to get on board? Use the code CBBHAUS10 to get a 10% discount on your next Coboat journey!

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