WHAT: Extension of Build or Buy online design store

WHEN: Application deadline – 12 September

Do you have an awesome DIY product? We too, join in!

Build or Buy is an online design store by betahaus, which provides not only opportunity to buy, but also workshops about how to build (make) this or that product, giving customers a choice to either buy it or “Do It Yourself”, visiting the workshop held by the designer (Possibly, You, Dear Sir or Madam).

We are establishing the new way of collaboration between designers and their customers, giving a novel patter of development to the brilliant concept of Open Source Design. It is important to keep in mind that the Open Source knowledge transfer has a purpose of education and sustainable society creation, giving an opportunity to share, not to steel from each other! So, no, the workshop visitors do not have a right to sell the knowledge they got from you, unless you allow it. To get to know more about open source concept, please see the video, created by Jay Cousins, the co-founder                                            of Open Design City at betahaus (

So if you would like to become a part of the new Berlin based design movement, you are welcome to join in!

You are free to state your price for both the products you present and the workshops you are holding. We are providing the space for the workshop in betahaus, at Moritzplatz, in the heart of Kreuzberg, and spread the word about your design invention in the whole betahaus community and further!

If you are interested in participation, please send the photo of your product(s) to BEFORE 12TH SEPTEMBER and we`ll meet for coffee to discuss all the further details.

ATTENTION: “Build or Buy” products could also be services (e.g. you know how to make a really cool stop motion movie: people can order your service OR attend the course and get to know the technique of stop motion movie creation).

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