betahaus | Berlin is bursting at the seams since the beginning of the year. Fixed desks are sold out and teams are piling up requesting better teams space for their ventures AND of course phone boxes not to forget BETTER TOILETTES. (Apologies to all those who lived with the current conditions for years. We love you and we were young and didn’t have the money!)

Well, we are expanding. A lucky coincidence gave us the chance to get a hand on the 1st floor in our beloved building with an additional 800 sqm space for all our dreams to come true in the near future (except the roof terrace). This might be of importance for you, too if you like to have office space. Here are the next steps.

  • Stage I (May 2012):
  • We are bootstrapping one third of the 1st floor into office space next monday for all those peeps that are in the waiting list for ages. Are you interested to grap a space there? We’ve got 1-2 team tables left. You can sign up on our waitinglist.


  • Stage II (June – September 2012)
  • We’ll reconfigure the rest of the space during June, July, August and September and push betahaus | Berlin to the finest in coworking space – design. We’ll have bigger team spaces for fast growing startups or those a like and some cool collaborative spaces for coworking lovers as well. There will be lot’s of features we have dreamed of for years: Foozball (kicker), hangout space with sofas, skypeboxes, private areas etc.  May the coworkers dream come true! …and the force be with us.  😉

That’s the update for today. If you fancy a space there or like to get involved anyhow, please contact us today at and we’ll get in touch!


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