Yesterday the betapitch – crew finally got together to cast the final vote on who is gonna present next thursday. First of all: YOU WERE ALL AWESOME, THANK YOU FOR YOUR APPLICATIONS. WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. 

We did a small BBQ in front of betahaus and scrolled through the applications together. We were quite late since we postponed the deadline for sending in one pager by one week. So we sat there looking through an awesome number of 53 (nearly all high quality) one pagers looking for the best ideas, teams and business models. Like always, we felt that it was quite hard to judge on an idea just having a one pager at hand not knowing the team and more background information.

Nevertheless after a couple of hours we had got 8 sure shots that we want to invite and 4 more “questionsmarks” we like to have a chat with still today to make sure we’ll have the full number of 10 Startups at betahaus next week. We evaluated “Team”, “Business Model”, “Innovation”, “Feasibility” and “Meaning”.

Trommelwirbel -> These are the “8”:

  • – Somewhere HQ
  • – Get a Gig
  • – Optima Labs
  • – Mobeelizer
  • – Shakebee
  • –
  • – einFach
  • – Mr X (didn’t want to be unveiled before the pitch)

We’ll get in contact with each of you during today and tomorrow and will all meet for a pitch training on Wednesday! Since there were so many additional applications we are thinking about a different kind of follow up to stay in touch with most of you and help you implement your idea even though you are not pitching at betapitch. We’ll come up with something after betapitch has passed and there is a little more time to think.

For now: Looking forward to meet you all at betahaus next week. If you don’t have a ticket yet check out this site to sign up:

Over and out and have a nice sunday!

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