Sascha Konietzke is the founder of Thriventures, and the director of its main product, Storage Room. Storage Room is a cloud-based CMS (content-management system) for mobile and web applications, with which app developers can distribute, store and manage content. They no longer need to worry about creating a backend from scratch – something that would cost more time and money in addition to the creation of the app itself. Sascha has recently begun to work from betahaus.

What exactly is Storage Room, and how does it work?

Storage Room is a content-management application for mobile apps. With Storage Room, developers can manage content for apps on various platforms. For example, if you were to develop a mobile game – let’s say a quiz like ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ – you would need a place to manage content such as the questions and their respective answers. This is where Storage Room would be useful.
Agencies and developers that create apps usually have to develop the backend as well – in other words, the content management and storage systems themselves – and this can get quite expensive and time-consuming, as it requires them to set up and maintain their own servers, among other things. What they can do now is take StorageRoom’s web-based interface to manage, edit, and update their content. Developers can simply pull their content through an API from this CMS straight into their apps without the need for any additional servers.









What kinds of apps would find something like Storage Room especially useful? What are some apps that already use it?

For example, there are e-learning apps – vocabulary guides in particular – that use Storage Room and a lot of mobile games that use it as well. Storage Room is very flexible, and there are basically no limits regarding what kinds of apps can use Storage Room – even if you need to handle only a small amount of content, such as notifications, you can manage it through the Storage Room CMS, and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Storage Room is the main product of Thriventures, and, as it appears, the only one so far. Has Thriventures developed any other apps, and do you plan to develop any more in the future?

So far, Storage Room is our first and only product. I started Storage Room after spending many years as a freelance mobile app developer for different clients in the past. One problem I noticed quite often was that including content inside mobile apps is too hard – something my clients often requested. I tried many different ways of doing that, and each way somehow disappointed me. I asked around and found out that several other developers had the same problem, and so I eventually decided to build a solution, which is how Storage Room was born.








You’ve only recently started working from betahaus. So far, what are your impressions of the place?

I really like the open atmosphere and all the events at betahaus, such as the Beta-Breakfast, where I can meet new people. I actually plan to present my startup sometime next month. Unfortunately I cannot say much more about betahaus, since I only just started working here! But yes, I do like what I’ve seen and experienced so far.


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